Gloomy Day + Nutella Baked Goods - Homework = Heaven

Two things: 1) I love nutella 2) I love the blog A Beautiful Mess.

That's how these babies came about. I was going through my usual daily blog stalking and I stumbled across this little piece of heaven on A Beautiful Mess. Cookies and nutella? Say it isn't so?! I had no other choice but to venture on and try out the recipe known as the Nutella Cookie Sandwich. 

Today was the perfect day to test this recipe out too! Although I should have been doing something more productive like my political science homework or catching up on some much needed sleep I was obligated to fully enjoy this wondrous, gloomy day with a baking session. It was only right. Despite the fact that my sandwiches were seemingly larger and more in charge-er than the original recipe I'd have to say that the end result wasn't too shabby. I mean after all Nutella was involved, was it not? So try it out for yourself! If the crap hits the fan and your cookie sandwiches are a complete disaster you're still left with a whole jar of Nutella AND that ain't bad.