Welcome home Fall, let's go to the beach.

Fall is fast approaching, wait it's already here or something. Oops. Nobody knows in these parts because Summer always overstays it's welcome. That slacker.  Well what better way to enjoy the Fall facade then at the beach? Leah Lopez and I were good Southern California girls on Friday and moseyed on over those crazy Ortegas, finding our way to Laguna. We shamelessly did a bunch-a-nothing, enjoyed the sun while it lasted, and even reveled in the hazy fog as it rolled in. It was glorious. It's days like this that make me so happy. Not only was I able to sit and do nothing but enjoy the waves and sand between my toes I was also able to crack open a book, one not prefixed with the word text. "On the Road" is my current book of choice. I'm a bit scared to read it due to it's very free spirited nature and foreshadowing title. I am pretty sure that by the end of the book I will want to get out of town and go anywhere but here. I am currently enrolled in what the kids call "school" and let's be honest I am beyond over it. I'd rather explore cities, coffee shops, music venues, and see/talk to that man named Allan ; ) I'd rather do just about anything but school. Heck, I'd even enjoy manual labor. I can't wait for this little chapter of my life to be done with, to wash my hands clean of the most mediocre thing on earth; Junior college. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy learning, I do. It's just that I feel like I've been in this strange limbo of life for a good couple of years and I'm looking forward to a change. I feel like change is on the horizon, so that's thrilling or whatever. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Side note: We also went to Peet's Coffee, also known as heaven. This made me doubly happy.

Side, Side note: We also went to visit Leah Lopez's "friend" Mike at his shop, AoSA. I may or may not have also creeped a picture of the sickly fellow (I have no shame) whilst we munched on some hippie food, ha. Or I mean food from Trader Joe's. It was a good night as well, spending it at his grandparent's beautiful house on the water (no big D) and watching the worst movie, Thor. Do yourself a favor and don't ever watch it ; )