Pinulatas & Pizzelles :: Christmas Time, Part 2

Italian pastries common at Christmas time in these here parts = pinulatas (pingalings) and pizzelles.

For some time now making these italian goods with my Grandma Jay has become a sort of tradition. She is the pastry meister and in order to make these goods properly she needs to be present : ) That's why a few of us ventured over to her casa today, to make this tradition come to fruition. Whilst rolling mini soon-to-be-pingaling spheres,  my aunt, cousin Lynzie, and her two boys burst through the door, adding to the wonderful commotion. After finishing up the *pinulatas we took a break and went outside to the lemon tree with it's lemons begging to be picked. [Side note and fun fact: I love lemons. I could eat one whole.] We then quickly moved onto the pizzelles and added yet another family member to the mix, Aunt Rose. I won't get into detail but the conversations my family have sometimes are quite hilarious. Let's just say today didn't disappoint. After some insane and entertaining storytelling we all packed up kissed Grandma 3 times on the cheek and went on our merry way.

*The pinulatas have yet to be complete. They're awaiting their suffocation and smothering via honey. Although this sounds horrific I assure you it is appetizing. Plus rainbow sprinkles are involved, which makes anything better.

Until next time.