Engagement Presents :: DIY

My beautiful cousin, Lauren, became engaged to a wonderful man on Christmas Eve. I am so thrilled for them and unnaturally excited for the whole wedding planning process. I almost always have the itch to delve into DIY projects so after the news of her engagement I decided to get my fix of crafting in. There were two projects I've been waiting to do for just the right occasion. One being a photo transfer and the other a simple word painting project. Both can be used as wall decor in a home, Lauren and Kellen will have their own newlywed home soon enough, therefore this was a match made in heaven (just like Lauren and Kellen) Sorry, I had to say it. SO without further ado, here they are, the two engagement present pictures, also including the process! Here are the directions and "how to" just in case you'd like to do some crafting yourself!

-and for the second project-