The Great Kern County Fair

I had been waiting for this day for quite some time, dare I say one year!? I may have even wrote a list of things to do while in attendance. I was under strict obligation to eat everything fried (specifically an Oreo and/or a Snicker's bar), a cheesy, lovey-dovey photobooth picture with Allan Wheeler was necessary, a ferris wheel ride was to be enjoyed, and doting upon farm animals was in store; let's just say all my wildest dreams came true. Sunday, September 23 was the first time I experienced Good Ol' Kern County's annual fair.

Allan, Chris and Melissa, and myself all entered the fairgrounds with the intent of stuffing our faces till they couldn't be stuffed anymore. We headed straight for the food. I purchased a bratwurst with sauerkraut and potato chips, both the bun and chips being fried, and I ate it with lightning speed. Then we turned our gaze to the turkey races (yes I said turkey races). Did I mention Melissa just so happened to be eating a TURKEY leg at the time of the TURKEY races? ; )

Afterwards we fulfilled the photobooth portion of my "fair bucket list" and soon after booked it for the Magical Midway. It was here that we went on the ferris wheel, I got harassed by a carnie, and where Allan literally had to pick me up in order to take me away from said carnie; No big deal. Following the Midway we took in the sights and wonders of the fair's exhibits. Things like the best pickled pickles (too redundant?), the yummiest baked goods, Kern County's most envied jams, and quilts without equal were all put on display. My one regret is that I didn't submit an entry, next year I'm entering and winning best jam. Watch out!

"What else was there to do after all this fair excellence?" you may be asking yourself. Well, gobble down more food, is your answer. We continued our food consuming extravaganza by downing some cotton candy, fried Oreos and Snickers, and a cinnamon roll to boot. We were on a roll, I was gaining some extra rolls, and farm animals were awaiting.

Last but definitely not least, we hung out with the cows, goats, pigs, and even an alligator (I'm pretty sure he was dead like the hippopotamus in "Water for Elephants"). Allan whispered sweet nothings into a goat's ear and held deep conversations with a cow (see for yourself). The goats were pretty fashionable too, well one goat at least. To end our night we meandered over to the gated zone of pregnant cows and lo and behold one cow was in labor...dear Lord. Watching this whole process wasn't the best idea after eating every fried thing in sight. Now what was a good idea was watching Allan Wheeler's face during the birthing process instead. Priceless. Despite the sheer grotesque affair and the strange lady next to me coaching the cow through her labor, the fact that we witnessed a baby cow being born was pretty cool. I walked away that night one happy lady, content with my first Kern County Fair experience. Till next year...