Adventuring in Ireland

IMG_4434 We did it! We went adventuring and we enjoyed it. Allan climbed stuff, loads of photos were taken, and Dooley's was had. Let me explain. The poor kiddos have been under the weather and Jannelle has been fighting their colds like a champ, needless to say some fresh air was necessary. She graciously drove us from sea to cliff to surf town without a blink of an eye (with two kids under two no less, this woman can do anything). Driving around Ireland on a beautiful sunny day was awesome! We ended up in Tramore, a surf town, and ate fish and chips at Dooley's. We also walked along the shoreline with Willow and quickly found out how much this little lady loves the water, so much so that she made it sound as if I had kidnapped her when I picked her up and told her the water was far too cold to play in. (Take note of the angry Willow face in the photos) We're both so sad our time is coming to an end here in Ireland, but we are happy to have shared in moments like these. Enjoy the photos of our adventures, a beautiful Irish sunrise, and some from today at church (I just love Waterford's church family, I couldn't help myself from capturing them in photo form).