Wedding :: Walker Edition

On December 10, 2011 my dear friend became a Mrs. I have known Candice for quite some time now (9 years? 10?) and to be a part of her big day meant a great deal to me. My cousin, Lauren, and I were the maids of honor and every part of it was wonderful. Not only was it grand to be a part of the wedding in the smallest of ways like putting together the favors, to big ways like making a speech at the reception, but some of my most cherished memories of the wedding were the intimate ones. The morning of the wedding Lauren and I met before the rush of makeup, hair, and photography to have a quiet get together with Candice. We met at a coffee shop, opened our Bibles to 1 Corinthians 13 and Ephesians 5 and prayed.  We talked about love and the importance of God being the center of that love. I  enjoyed seeing Candice's excitement to start her life with Brandon, ready to start it off on the right foot by being in the Word and by being mindful of the God who is responsible for love itself.

Another tiny moment that stuck out was when the bridal party was waiting around to be announced. Brandon and Candice were finishing up being photographed and she needed her train to be bustled in order to walk into the reception area. I bustled her dress and as silly as this sounds I felt honored to do so. I loved being apart of my friends special day, especially in the smallest of ways. Candice, may your marriage honor God, and may He bless you and Brandon both on a daily basis. Continue to love one another selflessly as Christ loves us. I love you and am thrilled to see how your life will be molded through marriage and in the pursuit of knowing God more.