{Summer, I love you.}

Summer is here, figuratively speaking. School is out, has been out for a few weeks now, and let's just say I am not hating life. I've even created a list to make the most of my time. Yeah, yeah I made a list of ways I'd like to spend my time; I think I have OCD. I don't want to talk about it. You'd like to see that list you say? OK.

  1. Read one book, at least.
  2. Finish current crafting endeavor {I'll divulge more later ; )}
  3. Thrift like a maniac!
  4. Bake more
  5. Blog more
  6. Take more photos
  7. Hang out with as many people as possible before I move up to Bakersfield

I'm of the opinion that I'm doing quite well in completing the list. *patting myself on the back. Here's my progress thus far!