Revelation Record's 25th Anniversary Show

Last Friday evening I journeyed on down to the land of Pomona and into the Glass House venue. Revelation Records was hosting their 25th anniversary show and bands like Shai Halud, Bold, Sick of it All, Gorilla Biscuits, and Youth of Today were all in attendance. Not only was I able to enjoy the show, but I was also able to relish in the company of my beau, Mr. Allan Wheeler. He not only bought me the ticket, but he treated me to a lovely night as well (the man bought me a shirt, some dinner, a private jet, a pet tiger, so on and so forth). : )

I truly appreciated this show for a few reasons. One being that it took me back to my time in high school, days when I actually listened to this kind of music. It brought back positive memories and rad instances of friends I love. I also loved this show because there were a plethora, yes plethora, of generations clumped into one room. Music lovers ranging from young kids to middle aged men with their own children all took in the night's musical ambience. Thirdly, I was keen of this show because it made me a bit more amped on life. These now "old men" were still as vivacious as ever, saying things like, "do something you love", "who cares what anybody else thinks", "surround yourself with positive people", and things of the like. I want a life that's filled with adventure and joy and their mini mantras only added to my excitement for the changes coming my way. Lastly, this show gave me such joy because I finally got to see Mr. Wheeler in his element, if you will. He was joining in with the rambunctious crowd, singing along, and forgetting about his crazy school schedule. It was nice to see him enjoy one of his favorite bands and his friends and forget about boring responsibilities. The following day we even ended up wearing the same shirt (sort of). Don't worry guys, I documented our cuteness. I know you were worried that I hadn't. SO here's a picture, easing your fears. Till next time ; )

Here's a little tid bit from the night too! Click here to watch!