Color Me Rad 5k

Color me rad was my first 5k and dare I say it has made me sort of, kind of like running?! Let's not get crazy though.

On Saturday, June 30th I consistently ran 3 miles, minus the fake water break. Although it may seem like a very insignificant achievement, I assure you it was not. I hate running with a passion and thought the only way I could run this kind of distance was if I was being chased. Turns out I'm able to run if I don't necessarily know where the end is, if I'm running with avid runners, and if I'm being pummeled with color in the form of powdered corn starch. Go figure.

The Color Me Rad 5k took place at the fair grounds in Bakersfield with Melissa, Amber, and myself, otherwise known as Team Tamales. An unusually free spirited and dreaded man "got the party started", as the kids would say, atop a crane no less. I wish he hadn't. In his defense I guess it's his job to be this way, to fist pump and act as if he were at a 8 in the morning. People seemed to love it though, and by people I mean everyone but Team Tamales : ) Regardless of the "free love" feel, this whole event was pretty dang fun. We all really enjoyed ourselves, got a good run in, and crossed the finish line all victorious like (with Allan and Chris cheering us on). All in all it was a great time!