She Reads Truth

2014-08-05_17.04.11 Honestly, finding the time to sit down and read the Bible,  to spend time in prayer with the Lord, is a hard thing for me to do. Thankfully this summer, with its lack of classes, lectures, novels, and papers to write, has been somewhat easier to carve out Bible-reading time.

Yet, with the first day of Fall quarter just around the riverbend (Pocahontas anyone?), finding the time to read will be scarce once more. This also means Zombie Kathleen is sure to reemerge (Eat, sleep, school, work, repeat...).

Once school begins, I am forced to squeeze things into my monotonous routine of school/work. Having a plan of attack, if you will, helps me to stay on track.

I was recently introduced (thank you Marissa Vorhees) to She Reads Truth. It is a community of women "who manage [a website]", "write [devotional] plans", and "are committed to reading God’s Word along with you". Essentially it is like a women's bible study with women worldwide. 

In addition to the scripture read-a-longs they also produce very cutesy illustrations, prints, and iPhone backgrounds which coincide with whichever book of the Bible they are going through. This time around it is Hosea, a very good book, but also a very sobering account of  a man and his adulterous wife. The parallels between our relationship with the Lord to Gomer and Hosea are eye-opening.

So read along, if you so choose; I have been enjoying it so far...