The Avett Brothers

Pechanga Casino, of all places, held an amazing show. The Avett Brothers graced Temecula with their presence and they didn’t disappoint. I attended the show with my Pops and two friends Madeline and Leah.

It was a wonderful evening complete with a nice dinner and beer sampler at The Yard House. (I know, I know, “A beer sampler?” you may be saying, but have no worries it was classy and I promise you I am still a lady.)

From there we meandered on down to the casino. The opening act was a lovable group named after the leading man, The David Mayfield Parade. All I can say is this chunky man had my heart. Not only did he have raw musical talent (i.e playing the guitar chords backwards and all sorts of ways), but in addition he made me giggle like a little school girl. He was hysterical! He would play all sexy like while lifting up his shirt only to reveal a hairy beer belly. I died. His band also had some rockin’ ladies. Two beautiful gals, one jammed on a stand up base while the other fiddled her heart away. Envy provoking is the only way I can describe their talents and fashionable ways. This opening act held their own and won me over. Needless to say next paycheck I will be purchasing their self titled album on itunes. AND finally the men themselves, the Handsome and bearded Avett Brothers, took the stage. These fellows can jaaaaaaaaam. Instruments like the banjo, stand up bass, drums, cello, piano, and guitar accompanied them. They play these babies like there is no tomorrow. Throughout the show the vibe of a hoedown in a backyard barn was thick. You could feel the stomping of the fans throughout the stands tapping along with the music, swaying and dancing with the beat. It was fabulous! I found myself smiling uncontrollably in the midst of many songs. The band’s energy was contagious, jumping off instruments and platforms, screaming their hearts out, and asking the audience to join along in the singing and clapping. I was completely entertained.

Towards the end of the night I found myself grinning for another reason, the generosity of my dad. He treated me to a fun-filled night. He bought the tickets, payed for all our meals, and he even bought me the Emotionalism vinyl. It was very sweet and unexpected. He didn’t have to do it, but he did, and I was/am very thankful.

We even got some ice cream cones on the way home. Good times were had and friendships and family ties were knotted a bit closer. So check out The David Mayfield Parade and The Avett Brothers if you haven’t had the chance. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I will leave you with this, you're welcome.