DIY & BAKEersfield [emphasis on the bake]

Ah the joys of making crafts, or making cards to be more specific. I love me some card makin'! I have stamps galore, stamp pads, envelopes, calligraphy pens, and even my own wax seal (it's one of my favorite things). Like I said in a previous post; I am 23 going on 75. Who in their right mind loves a good ol' craft session at my age? This girl, that's who. So enough ramblings about my obsession, let's get into the goods. My friend Allan's birthday was fast approaching. My other freunde, Leah, thought it would be a pleasant idea to make the trek up north to Bakersfield last Monday for his day of birth. I happily obliged! Needless to say it was scorching (so much so that it melted Leah's cupcakes' faces off) and delightful to say the least. The whole day was filled with laughter, good food, and good times! Here are the step by step photos of the card making process, the mini road trip, and a picture that my little cousin Daniel took of me on my iPhone during the card making process! Enjoy!

Now do it yourself! The lovely people over at Martha Stewart can show you how!