My Week in Video. A Wideo, if you will : )

This week was long, busy, and filled with fun. Not only did my first week of school begin at Mount San Jacinto College, but I am back in the swing of hanging out with my Grandma Jay. Whenever I go to school I make it a point to have lunch and hang out with her after my classes. This semester is no different. Not only do I get to hang out with my amazing Grandma, but I get to partake in her yummy Italian espresso too! It was also my friend, Scott's, 30th birthday! We were all gathered at the front door waiting to surprise him when he surprised us by coming around the back. That little sneaker! It was also Mckensie Black's baby shower. It was Saturday morning at the Ryan's beautiful lake house. We all enjoyed some delicious crepes and muffins while Mckensie was showered with gifts! I also finally started my long awaited painting of the bearded man! I love it so far and can't wait to paint some more. AND finally after a long week and after helping out Jessica with a photo shoot this evening I was greeted with this lovely sunset on the drive home. God is good! Hopefully your week was fantastic as well, may this week be even better! (Oh and side note, I am still learning how to properly edit on imovie. Hence the abrupt musical ending. Enjoy!)