Would've, Should've (almost did), Could've.

So much has been going on lately and amidst the crazy I spontaneously almost got me a tattoo. Key word being almost. I love tattoos! I think in terms of them. Like when I love a specific verse or odd image my brain works in tattoo mode; Where could I put this? How much would it cost? What colors would I use? Et cetera. I have a list of things I want and ideas galore! It’s strange because for as much as I dream about tattooing I only have one odd piece of permanent on my inner ankle. (Thank you Clay : ), ha) It’s super nostalgic, but let’s be honest it’s kind of bad. This past week, or maybe it was two weeks ago, (hmm, who knows) I accompanied Bobby Shukwit to downtown Temecula to be a spectator to his newly inspired “collage of crosses” sleeve. We get there and she begins on his forearm. I would then be after Bobby, perfect. Yeah, so much for that. She had prior engagements and wouldn’t be able to tattoo my little anchor on my ribs. No big deal, next time I say. Fast forward to “next time”. I’m driving up to the shop and who else greets me but the tattoo artist herself. About that tattoo she says, can we reschedule? Ugh, yes?? Long-ish story short, she re-scheduled twice and eventually I just said meh, nevermind. I figured I’ll just go to the the tattoo shop I’ve been wanting to go to for quite some time now, Sid’s. BUT it was all gravy in the end. Instead of a tattoo I bought a hot air balloon ride : ) Eventually I’ll have my desired tattoos, but for now I’ll continue daydreaming about them and go enjoy my hot air balloon ride in place of permanent ink.


Sid's Tattoo Parlor!