AA Bondy

Last night Leah and I made the journey down to Sahn Di-ago : ) We were super pumped to see one of our favorite singer/songwriters, AA Bondy, play at The Casbah. It was an amusing, difficult, and wonderful show all at the once. Let me explain... We got to the venue, early as usual, and stood around for a good hour or so before the opening band went on. Note to self: whenever I attend any show at The Casbah be sure to leave an hour later than when my gut instinct tells me to. That way I’ll actually be on time. The opening band was composed of older-ish fellows who reminded us of an early ninety’s band of sorts. They played, whatever. THEN came Mr. Bondy himself. This man is talented and most of the time when someone is as talented as this guy, they’re also a bit on the strange side. Now this show was amusing because Lord knows how many people were coocoo for coco puffs in there. I mean for goodness sakes, it was ridiculous in such an entertaining way. For example one middle aged man felt the urge to fist pump the air during his favorite parts of songs, like a Jersey Shore castoff. Not to mention his creepy stares. Another behemoth of a man couldn’t control his urge to shout “woo” every five minutes or so. One happy set of man friends decided to comment on literally every song and how good it was, then proceed to discuss this further all while AA Bondy was playing. If you love the song so much, please close your mouth and actually listen to the song. I mean you can hear every word of your conversation amidst the set being played.

This show was also difficult because Leah and I were a pair of shleepy heads before we got there, so when AA Bondy began to play his lovely tunes it had a lulling affect on us. Thank the Lord for the wall in front of us, otherwise we may have fallen over from lack of sleep. Along with the difficulty of staying awake the show was wonderful because I feel like I haven’t been to a show in aggggges. I love shows. I love music. AND despite the excess of strange little people in the venue last night, it’s was amusing. Simply watching all the shenanigans while one of your favorite artists serenades you is alright by me.

A link to some of my AA Bondy favorites!