This Guy.

I don’t know how ethical this is. I am going to go with it’s not. Whilst browsing Etsy, like the Etsy fiend that I am, I came across this wonderful painting. I loved it! After goggling over this artist's work and before I was about to click the “add to cart” button it hit me,“I will paint this for myself!” So that’s where my mini art adventure begins, with me being too cheap to buy a painting. I hurried on down to Michael’s, bought all the supplies, ended up spending way more than what I would have originally bought the painting for, and started as soon as I got home! Now if you know me you know that I have this strange obsession with beards, so conjuring up this fuzzy-faced man made me one happy lady. I put on some swell tunes and got in the zone. Is there even a “zone” when it comes to painting? I don’t even know, but if there is I was there : ) After much ado, I have finally finished the bearded man. I love him and he loves me. Here are some photos of the process, the end result, and a link to Ashley Goldberg, the artist herself. Just don’t let her know about this post, ha.