On a whim:: Thrice.

Leah Lopez loves herself some Thrice. Crazy lady even bought tickets for two nights in a row in order to watch them play on their recent tour. That being said the little miss had an extra ticket for this past Friday night. She graciously extended it to moi and the road back to my personal high school nostalgia began. I had a grand ol' time watching the bands play, especially Thrice. I used to listen to them (insert grandpa voice for the next four words) back in the day. I liked em' by golly and being able to revel in their musical extravaganza made me one happy lady. Now what didn't make me one happy lady was the invalid who stood in front of me. Deary me, this man had no concept of personal space. I nearly reacted in violence just so I could get him away from me. He drove me up a frikkin' wall. So needless to say after he meandered off into the venue elsewhere I enjoyed myself much more. The night ended on a good note. I drifted off into sleepy land on the way home as usual (like the good co-pilot that I am) and arrived home in no time. Thanks Leah for your gracious and giving ways; it made me not only enjoy a good night's worth of music, but your friendship as well : )