Friends, nay, Family.

Sunday is usually family time. Any given family member drives to my Grandma's house, picks her up, brings her to my house, and whoever wants to come hang out (family) just stops on by. A gaggle of 5 to 10 people are almost always at my house on this day. Therefore it's been dubbed (in my mind) family day. It's lovely and makes weekends lively. Lovely, lively ha. BUT my Sunday this week bled over into "family time" with dear friends whom I haven't been able to spend the desired amount of time with. Friends whom I've grown up with, have seen get married, have babies, be pregnant again, go through hard times, good times, et cetera, et cetera, so on and so forth. I consider these friends family. It was so comforting to share a home cooked meal with these guys. So good to simply be in Jamie and Joey's house with the normal chatter and banter. Good to have Eli, Jamie and Joey's son, running around, playing with anyone who was willing. The smell of a yummy, fresh out of the oven turkey and homemade mashed potatoes was thick and the house felt warm. Not only from the literal temperature but from the company the house held. Sunday was good and it made me Thankful for the people who I've surrounded myself with. It got me thinking how thankful I truly am, how God has blessed me. With thanksgiving less than a week away I've decided to write a simple list of the things I am grateful for. Read along and remember what you're thankful for as well, if you'd like. 1] Jesus, his sacrifice on the cross and my salvation

2] Family, their unconditional love and support

3] Friends (old and new)

4] My health and the health of the ones I love

5] Allan ; )

6] My job (albeit frustrating at times, but what job isn't?)

7] School and the opportunity to learn

8] A roof over my head

9] A car

10] Endless opportunities in life, to make the best of it.