I get to be a girl:: Newsies edition.

Now I don't get to paint my nails very often (thank you In N Out). This makes me feel very boyish. One song that comes to mind as I say this is, "Rebel, Rebel" by David Bowie. You know that one part where it says, "not sure if you're a boy or a girl"? Yeah, that's how I feel at my workplace most of the time. Not only am I covered from head to toe in burger juices and fry salt, lifting heavy objects, and having to stick my hair up in a funny hat, but I can't even paint my nails?! Come on In N Out, you're killing me. SO needless to say when I get to paint my nails it's an exciting event. Recently I have been more interested in nail art. It looks super complicated at times but always fun! I came across a friend's picture on instagram and it inspired me to do these things called "newspaper nails". I "youtubed" it (Is that even a verb?), got all the necessary supplies in line, and did the deed. I was pretty impressed with myself after tonight's results. Go on you can be impressed with me too ; ) If you'd like to have some newspaper on your nails too just follow the link!

"Newspaper Nails" Link!