2012 Adventures :: Hot Air Balloon

2012 is here and new adventures await. I've even created a new "adventure" list in order to take this new year by the horns, as some say; to make the most of it. Here's the list thus far...

-Rose Bowl Flea Market & Umami Burger

-Bungee Jump off of The Bridge to Nowhere (to be determined)

-Salvation Mtn. & the Salton Sea

-A trip to visit Consuela in D.C.

-A musical festival of sorts (possibly Outside Lands?)

-Hot air balloon ride

I know this list seems short-lived, and it is, but I assure you more escapades are on the horizon. But this isn't a post about my 2012 wishlist of things to accomplish, it's a post bragging (for a lack of a better term) about how this morning, at an ungodly hour, I was able to cross something off the list. Hot air balloon ride, check.

It was glorious, serene, and downright thrilling all at once. We began our journey at something, something De Oro Winery : ) All I know is that I was there for a hot air balloon ride and nothing else mattered (except the free coffee they were offering, that also mattered). A total of twelve people, including Leah and myself, hopped into what looked like a wicker picnic basket for giants, and off we went. We hovered at about 10 feet for a awhile and then, what seemed to be out of nowhere, were at an approximate altitude of 2500 feet. It was breathtaking. The ride lasted for about forty five minutes and included complimentary cheese, crackers, fruit, and champagne. Ooh la, la. (Please, do yourself a favor and youtube Christopher Walken on SNL in "The Continental". You're welcome ahead of time.) After landing in an open field ever so gracefully, awkwardly riding in a party bus (who thought that was a good idea?) back to our original spot, and nabbing free wine openers compliments of Sunrise Balloons (I'll probably never use it, but thanks anyhow) Leah and I drove home content with our first hot air balloon experience. I look forward to crossing more off my list this year and will do my best to keep you in the know with it all.