Tiny House Honeymoon

IMG_3911 We got married! Yay!

The wedding day was an absolute blast and our honeymoon was filled with the perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation.  We flew into Portland, stayed at the ultra cool Ace Hotel for a few nights, and then we packed up and headed to Olympia. "Why Olympia?", you ask. Well, my friend, Olympia is home to The Bayside Bungalow, a 120 square foot house that is propped up on a trailer and in walking distance to beautiful Puget Sound.

Allan Wheeler, my husband, has been dreaming of tiny houses for quite some time now. I wasn't sold on them at first, but now I  join in his tiny house gawking. The drive from Portland is roughly two hours, give or take a few minutes, and the whole time Allan was as giddy as a school girl. I'm convinced he was more elated on our way to the tiny house than he was on our wedding day!

Fast forward to Allan turning the front door key of the Bayside Bungalow (picture a child with a beard on Christmas morning and that will give you a proper image).

The interior is strangely and surprisingly bigger than we expected! The kitchen, too, with all its parts are of decent proportions (which makes me happy because I like to cook/bake/make an unnatural amount of coffee). After dropping off our luggage and checking out the beach we go grocery shopping, celebrate Allan's birthday early (we tend to celebrate things a few days/weeks early, we are like adult children), and call it a night. Our stay at the tiny house in Olympia, WA was swell. We cruised around downtown, met up with an old friend, visited antique stores, bookstores, a  gluten-free bakery, and the Olympia Farmer's Market. Overall, Olympia treated us well, it slowed us down a bit after enjoying Portland's city life. The tiny house experience was good! Here are some blurry photos of the tiny house, us celebrating Allan's birthday (multiple times, ha), and a random photo of a street we got lost on (Wheeler, how fitting). Enjoy ; )image (1) IMG_3928 IMG_3930IMG_3893 IMG_3892 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3923 IMG_3868 IMG_3877 IMG_3894 IMG_3885 IMG_3899 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3910 IMG_3917 image (2) image image (3)