A Johnny-Come-Lately to the Central Coast

photo Sunday, after church, Allan, the Harringtons (Zach, Lacy, and Kelly), and I travelled to the coast! I am only familiar with Southern Californian beaches and since moving to Bakersfield I am being wonderfully introduced, wooed even, unto the Central Coast! These past couple of days of  meeting Central Coast beaches have been dreamy, not only because of the sites we took in, but because of the company we spent it with. I consider the Harringtons family and the way Allan and Zach wrestle and pester one another you'd think they were literally blood related.

The Central Coast has a completely different feel in regards to beaches and beach towns. They are occasionally foggy, quirky, and extremely relaxed. I love them. For the past three days our little family journeyed from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo and to Cayucos as well! We visited the Montana De Oro tide pools and Pirate's Cove where we acted like children, hopping from rock to rock and poking at any sort of sea creature we could lay our hands on (nicely of course, unless you count the two times Zach accidentally pulled off a crab leg from two different crabs). We stuffed our faces with delicious food, simply chatted and read at our campsite, and played fun games in the tent trailer. It was as relaxing as it was adventurous.

I felt invigorated because I can't remember the last time I tent-camped and this time around it was with my handsome husband and newfound family! It made me want to save up to go camping from campsite to campsite across the U.S. It sounds so gloriously venturesome, just buying a quaint little trailer and going. Someday?

Life is good, God is good. This camping trip was perfect, our one last hurrah before school resumes. Once more, enjoy the photos!

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