I'm going to pretend I'm rich.

Ugh, money I detest you. Speeding ticket, I hate you. Cell phone bill, I also hate you. Wedding expenses, you too. Actual wedding, I think we're going to be friends so don't fear, we're still cool. Now that I've got that off my chest I am going to pretend I have no monetary obligations and pretend that money is literally growing on trees. Therefore I can buy whatever vain and fleeting things I want. Top four things I want, go...

1) Yellow108 Round About Sunglasses in Cacao

2) Camper Peu Cami's
3) Hand-Stamped Brass Pendant Necklace

4) Chemex Coffee Brewing System

Feel free to click on the headers, they'll take you to the links just in case you want to buy me something ; ) Ha, kidding. Kind of. I simply like sharing my current obsessions and shtuff. Also I'm sorry for the strange bluish tint around some of the photos and all the headers. I can't figure it out and I'm too lazy/tired to try. Meh.