buoni periodi e buoni amici!

Sunday sure was lovely. Not only did I enjoy two amazing coffee dates and a trip to WinCo, but I also enjoyed it with dear friends Leah, Madeline, and Jannelle. Jannelle Dawn Worrell is in town, and when I say in town it's no small feat. She and the babe made the trek (well technically the pilot did) all the way over from the good ol' Emerald Isle. It was incredibly nice to see her. Upon her arrival to Flour Fusion (our local coffee shop) I hugged her tiny body and felt her tiny baby bump. It made me so happy! It's great to be able to drive and in a matter of minutes see her. The Atlantic kind of puts a damper on our coffee dates and such so the whole girl time at breakfast was quite agreeable. I look forward to our girl's night in at Madeline's next Friday. To friends!