Coffee cake. Um, in a cup.

I'm obsessed with recipes which are made in cups. It sounds strange, I know. BUT let me explain. I believe it's a mixture of two things. One being my love for mugs and two being a previous mug recipe! It all started when a dear friend of mine, Leah, and I made Nutella cake in a mug. It was too much greatness for one recipe. Nutella and a mini cup recipe?! My mind exploded. Therefore yesterday after way too much studying I decided a mini baking session was in need. That's normal. : /

Righto, so coffee cake was the drug of choice this time around. I had been eyeing this recipe all week and after too much Greek, Etruscan, and Roman art history trying to make it's home in my brain I said, enough! Art history, shmart bistory! I put down the books and picked up the ingredients. (We'll see just how smart of a decision this was after I get my exam graded, ha.) Either way it was worth it. Not only did I end up with a nifty little coffee cake, but I also felt like I was doing a science experiment (see video below)What could be better than that? An "A" on my test you say? Well you're probably right, but whatever. Enjoy the pictures, and tell me how yours turns out if indeed you make your own!