Francisco, Fling, Vandervelde.

Ah, LA. So many things to be said about this city. I love it, I love driving home from there (I'm becoming pro at driving while sleeping, kidding. Kind of), and I love all the craziness that LA possesses. You can always count on the City of Angels to deliver musically. They have so many great venues like the Music Box, the Palladium, The Echo, the El Rey, et cetera, et cetera. Basically what I'm trying to say is LA has a part of my heart because of it's love of music and plethora of engaging venues. Come to think of it I wonder how many miles Betsey (my car) has on her from my many roundtrips to Los Angeles? Hm.

Wednesday night Leah Lopez and I journeyed on up to LA, once again. AND once again we journeyed there to see one of our favorite bands, The Fling. I honestly feel like a creep knowing how many times we've seen them (6-8?). I just love their music, so get off my back about it alright? Not only were our ears drenched in the musical goodness of the fore-mentioned fellows, but the likes of Francisco, the Man and David Vandervelde as well. If you haven't listened to any of these guys, Holy Moly please do. I will give you links to click on, so do it. Click away!

To our surprise Leah Lopez and I got to the venue just when Francisco, the Man got on stage. This is magical. I tell you this because this lady and I have a knack for showing up suuuuper early for shows. It's ridiculous. I mean we might as well bring camping gear and settle in for how early we get to some places. Hijole. Franny the Man : ) was great. Whilst on stage they even announced that they have a vinyl and we could grab it for free. They only asked for donations, if one felt so inclined. "It would be nice to have some gas money for the trip home", said the lead singer. How can you not give whatever cash you have in your pockets to these guys after a statement like that? Unfortunately for them I only had 14$ in my pantelones, so Leah and I scored a new Francisco, the Man vinyl for next to nothing ; ) Hope they got home alright, ha.

Then The Fling played, need I divulge more?! They were great, the end. Next up David Vandervelde. Despite his raw talent and good tunes we left early : ) Apparently I'm getting too old for these things, I was a yawning maniac and I was kind of dozing off. Unbelievable. It didn't help that I had to wake up the next morning at 5 for an exam I kind of sort of studied for. 4 hours of sleep is sadly becoming the norm. It's cool though, I need to do things. I gots to live life, you know? So please, by all means, check out these bands and this link, if you know what's good for you. They're sickeningly talented and they'll serenade you real good!